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Terri Ewart

I love that your curiosity has led you here!

My name is Terri, and I am Sex Therapist based in New Zealand with the privilege of being involved in CI since 2021.

I was led to CI when I realised the common denominator in decades of unsuccessful relationships, and the accompanying sadness, was me. And oh boy did that open a can of worms!

It was compassion, which was both new and life changing to me, that supported the navigation of that can. Until then I had supported my trauma through alcohol, sex, drugs, workaholism.

Compassion has allowed me to connect all the parts of myself and to this day this learning continues as I continue to do the work that supports me to find my embodied joy and authenticity in this world.

Whilst specialising in sex, intimacy, and gender I have been privileged to support clients in the areas of trauma, grief, embodiment, self-esteem, boundaries, belonging, depression, anxiety.

I am the mother to two wonderful teenage boys, 3 dogs and two cats. My joy is created by dance, yoga, painting and puppies and I hold the belief that we can all learn to choose the lives we desire......



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Languages Spoken
Other Certified Training
Completed Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program 2022
Sexological Bodywork 2018
Somatic Education 2020
Safe and Sound Protocol 2021
Somatic Therapist
Grief and loss LGBTQI2+ Plant medicine integration Sex Therapy Sexual Abuse Trauma and PTSD


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225 Ruahihi Road, Lower Kaimai, New Zealand

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