Claudia Goetzelmann

Private Mentor, Certified CI Practitioner, Integrative Counsellor

As a Mentor, I offer strong support for your Compassionate Inquiry (CI) learning experience—something that I had the good fortune to have when I was a Mentee. I see the role of Mentor as a mutually beneficial, dynamic collaborative exchange that gives you the freedom and compassionate environment to explore all aspects needed to become a skilled practitioner while in the presence of a client. This will include CI stepping stones and a deepening awareness of listening and interaction, understanding your strengths and capabilities, while focusing on subconscious patterns, potential ‘blind spots’ and what it means to trust in the client’s process of healing.

In 2022 I completed my CI Practitioner training. Additionally I completed the CI Mentorship Program, the Basics of Supervision Training with Lois Ehrmann and the CI Circle Internship. February 2023 I completed the M-I-T program

Prior to becoming a certified CI practitioner, I established and continue to run my praxis Permission to Bloom.

Additionally my work is held in the safe containers & modalities of Compassionate Inquiry (CI), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Focusing (FOT) and the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model (FSPM) . I studied Relational Psychedelic Therapy with focus on Integration (PAT). I am also an End of Life Doula and recently completed a yearlong apprenticeship under the guidance of Francis Weller to be a Grief Tender and Ritualist. 

I am an avid Yogi and continue to host guided meditations.

I am looking forward connecting with you


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