Katrina Johnston

Private Mentor

My intention as a Compassionate Inquiry Private Mentor, is to support you
and to collaborate with you to achieve your personal and professional goals
and to refine your Compassionate Inquiry skills and competencies, whether
for self-development, certification or recertification.
Some background: I have been working with people since 1998, including as
a therapeutic mentor in a London-based recovery treatment center and as a
sponsor, yoga teacher and bodywork practitioner: yoga in the Sivananda
tradition and bodywork in Ayurvedic tradition and in Esalen®️. I am from the
CI May 2020 cohort. Since certification, I have completed the CI internship,
two rounds of CI Circles as participant and intern, the 5-month mentorship
program and the Mentor-in-Training program as well as Basics in
Clinical Supervision Training online with Dr. Jeff Chang in preparation to
mentor others using best ethical and cultural and therapeutic practices. I have
also hosted a CI Focus Group for two years. I discovered Dr. Gabor Maté in
2013 at a Recovery 1.0 conference with Tommy Rosen, and my conviction
was complete after reading In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts in 2018.
As a mentor, in addition to CI experience, I draw from 30+ years of direct
personal & work experience: past and present spiritual teachers and
teachings; professional trainings in yoga, bodywork, CI, coaching, meditation;
addiction/codependency/12-step programs; also from literature/books,
poetry; and from other modalities like watsu, dance, voice work and retreats;
and from being in a relationship and in community. It is my wish to evoke in
you, your fullest potential in your work with your clients with CI. I see
mentoring as a service to you, to Self and to our clients and our CI community
at large.
I identify as a global citizen, originally from the UK, born/bred in Hong Kong,
with roots in India, Bali, Scotland and London and currently living in Puglia,
Italy – living the ‘slow life’ surrounded by Nature. It would be my privilege to
work with you.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Italy