Lara Longo

Certification Coordinator, CI Facilitator and Practitioner

Contact Lara for inquiries and requests about Certification and Recertification:

  • Organizes and maintains effective records of certification and recertification submissions, database as well as the outcome of all applications of certification and recertification by those participants who have completed the Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program.
  • Act as a liaison between Compassionate Inquiry Mentors, Certification Reviewers, Program Administrator, Technical Director and Billing Manager to ensure the timely evaluation of submissions.
  • Ensures that Certification Reviews and Evaluations are in accordance with the requirements established by Compassionate Inquiry, following the standardized Competency Form, Compassionate Inquiry Map and Feedback Protocol.
  • Co-developed and facilitates the Certification Reviewer Training, supports the development of reviewing skills through mentorship and guidance.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Annan, Ontario