Phyllis L. Furkalo

Private Mentor, Life Coach

It is my intent to provide compassion, love, and light to help hold and illuminate your healing journey. I have witnessed time and again that the healing power is within all of us.

I have worked internationally assisting souls to unlock repetitive patterns and get clear, resulting in a reawakened liveliness that reconnects clients with their truth, their authentic self, their essence, their ever-present self – the ultimate present!

Consciousness, like healing, is ever-evolving and unfolding.

Healing movements when witnessed and held by others are life-giving, liberating, and so restorative in nature.

Gabor says trauma is not so much about what happened to you, but rather what happened within you.

Healing happens when… we bring awareness to all the parts of you that hadn’t been seen or held well enough… at a time when you were so young and so vulnerable.

See you soon!

Phyllis with Love


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