Sam Lyon

Private Mentor

Sam has 24 years’ experience working in mental health and addictions, and has developed a deep
understanding of the importance of humility, compassion and acceptance when interacting with

As a CI mentor, Sam’s intention is to collaboratively support your growth and confidence as you
expand your skills toward CI certification and/or deepen your CI practice. Sam is committed to helping
you find your unique space within CI and to deepen your individual competencies as a CI practitioner.
Sam’s interest in neurobiology, trauma-informed care and advocacy led her to explore the teachings
of Gabor Maté. Through the language and skills of CI, she found that the approach aligned with her
values and beliefs, providing her with new tools to support her personal growth and how she shows
up for others.

As your mentor, Sam offers a collaborative and supportive approach, and is committed to helping you
achieve your goals.


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