Stephany Dano

CI Mentor, Somatic Therapist, Coach and Facilitator

My main goal as a mentor is to offer you a connection between your knowledge, your
sensing, and your gut intuition of using CI.
My vision is for you to find more ease, be more present and less triggered while seeing
beyond the narrative of your client.
I look forward to collaborating with you to strengthen where you are already good at on
your CI journey, while also making you connect in your -maybe- least practiced part and
find confidence there.
Mentoring Specifics
– I always work from broad concepts to details during our sessions, so you can apply
what you need to various situations as a practitioner in the future.
– I meet you where you are at: I have developed a specialty in getting to sense very
quickly how my clients see the world, so we can speak the same language and see
what gets in the way of your opportunity for growth.
– At the same time, I will make you see how your client is, reinforcing your practice
with verbal and somatic cues.
I put myself into your shoes and will show you how to do the same without losing yourself
along the way (there are tools if you are highly sensitive).
My Background
Being a CI practitioner since Jan. 2019, I have dedicated myself to personal development
since 2016, after a period of shifts that included the loss of close ones and a life-
threatening experience.
Even though I specialized in Sociology and Cross-cultural during my High School and
Business studies, I fully started my practice with holistic/Gestalt coaching (Co-Active
institute- CTI) and a continuum of studies of more than 1000 hours of Somatic Practice
and Personality/therapy tools. Some of these are:
– ICF-PCC Coaching certified (+500 hours)
– Zen Leadership and 4 Elements (Ginny Whitelaw)
– Uzazu Dynamic embodiment (Dylan Newcomb, which encompasses Somatic
Experiencing with Betsy Polatin, Mindfulness Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff,
some Feldenkrais techniques with Paul Linden, Body-Mind Centering with Martha
Eddy, and bodywork)
– Embodiment Facilitator and Embodiment Yoga Principles Certified
– Enneagram practitioner with The Enneagram Prison Project
– Intuition boot camps and workshops with Laura Day

– Nervous system- Smart Body Smart Mind with Irene Lyon

Working areas
I work a big part of my time creating awareness and choice for executive and private
clients, with most topics related to Embodiment and relationships/communication issues.
In an executive-corporate context, I usually receive the feedback: “Stephany sensed who I
am in the very first minutes. Now I understand why I have this communication gap with x”
While I have already been a temporary mentor for the Uzazu Dynamic Embodiment and
the Embodiment Facilitator Course, I usually participate in sharing knowledge through
conferences (The Embodiment Conference 2018 and 2020, the Trauma Conference),
courses, or through my Podcast: I am always
advocating for the mind-body connection.
I work in English, French, and Spanish.


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