Steve Borloz

Private Mentor, Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Steve.

My own journey of self-discovery started in 2012, however I only came across Gabor’s work in 2016 when I read his book, ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts.

His life changing approach to mental illnesses and addiction planted a seed which has only grown through the years. Thanks to this work, I’ve realised that we all encounter different copying mechanisms throughout our lives, which has helped to inform my own practice of self-discovery and helping others.

I now find great inspiration in learning more about my own process addictions and attachment patterns, while also using alternative approaches such as yoga, mindfulness based practices, shamanism, energy healing and plant medicine.

Since starting the Compassionate Inquiry learning journey in 2019, I have been fully dedicated to this approach – moving from participant to intern and then to mentee, I improved my skills, deepened my presence, and learned more about myself throughout the process.

The mentorship program provides a unique opportunity to gain deeper learning and understanding of the course material, as well as your own experience in relation to what you are learning and experiencing.

I certified as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner in 2020 and completed the Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship course in early 2021. I then completed the Basics of Supervision Training with Lois Ehrmann later in 2021 and then began the Compassionate Inquiry Internship in 2022. I completed my Compassionate Inquiry Mentoring Internship in 2022, and have since been facilitating (facilitating what? Courses/workshops? Just fill it in here), as well as stepping in as Compassionate Inquiry Circle leader.

My intention in working together is to help you build the competence, confidence and effectiveness in your Compassionate Inquiry approach. Who you are and how you show up as a therapist is at the heart of how I approach my mentoring commitments.

I have and intuitive eye and love to support you in recognizing your gifts. I aim to be a clear mirror for you, and pass on as much as possible of my own experience with Compassionate Inquiry.

My style of mentoring is compassionate, authentic, honest and gentle but also direct.

I am looking forward to co-create an safe space with you, conducive to a great learning and growth experience.


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