Terri Ewart

Private Mentor

My passion, as a CI Mentor, is supporting Mentees to learn the skills and ways of
being that allow you to create the space that your clients need, to feel safe enough to

My own approach to CI is highly somatic, and my passion is supporting Mentees to
feel easefully confident in understanding and working with the emotions and
sensations felt in the body, in conjunction with the belief systems of their clients. I
deeply value the wisdom held within the body.

This is tempered with my desire to centre and align myself to you and your
intentions. Those come first.

Supporting you in achieving the competence and confidence necessary to reach
your chosen goals, whether this be in the year long CI program, the mentorship, certifying or
re certifying. My approach is grounded in the belief that by embracing and nurturing your
unique self, you can flourish while upholding the essential qualities, skills, and stepping
stones of the CI approach in a relaxed and collaborative manner.

My path with Mentoring has been guided by my work on my personal belief systems
including my "I’m not good enough" and the terror I felt in receiving feedback.
Because of this, I place great emphasis on creating a therapeutic alliance that
fosters empathetic understanding, respect and genuineness. I bring curiosity,
playfulness and of course compassion recognising these as vital elements to our
relational process, encouraging growth and confidence within the co-created
container we build.

Having been trained as a Somatic Therapist, specialising in sex and intimacy, I run
an in-person and online private practice from home. My journey of self-discovery and
growth has been significantly supported by self-compassion. Like many others,
compassion has been the KEY piece to my healing journey. It is a privilege to now
extend that throughout the Mentor – Mentee alliance.

I have been a CI Practioner since May 2023 and have completed Lois Erhman’s
clinical supervision training. I am a registered Sexological bodyworker, Somatic
Educator and currently have the pleasure of Interning in two biweekly groups and am
currently keeping the part of me that loves learning happy as I journey through the
Mentor in Training Program.

In my life outside of Mentoring I reside on a lifestyle block in New Zealand with my
two teenage boys, cats, dogs, cows and a collection of people (it takes a village to
raise a village!). My joy comes from cooking, yoga, dancing, and sauna sessions.
Self-care and continuous self-exploration are paramount to me, as they enable me to
be more and more present for my family, friends, private practice clients, and of
course, my mentees.

I look forward to journeying with you…….

Terri Ewart

Email: terri@staycurious.co.nz

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