Rhonda Mae Nelson

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Rhonda has been working in the field of addiction and wellness for 15 years and brings a trauma-informed approach, wisdom, and compassion to her work. She is dedicated to helping others use body awareness to deal with the root of their suffering and learn to thrive. Rhonda is trained and mentored directly by Gabor Maté M.D. in his method of Compassionate Inquiry, which has been instrumental in the healing of her own physical affliction from birth and years of mental/emotional suffering. In addition to Compassionate Inquiry her expertise includes Emotion Focused Family Therapy, Addiction and Recovery, Entheogen Preparation and Integration, and Meditation. Rhonda is co-author contributor to Mothers, Addiction and Recovery: Finding Meaning Through the Journey, published in July 2018. She enjoys singing, writing songs, and playing guitar. She uses a creative process to facilitate transformation and recovery for those who request it.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7806891800
Location: Athabasca, Alberta