What are In-Person Circles?

In-person Circles are a facilitator led Circle groups. It is not a training program, it is an experiential, interactive and facilitated group support program open to all. A maximum of 10 to 15 participants come together in a tangible space. In these groups you will explore the process of self-inquiry through reflection, journaling and sharing based on themes spread over 10 weeks. A designated meeting space and time is allotted for the participants.

Benefits of CI In-Person Circles Group Support:

  • Reduce feelings of isolation and promote a sense of belonging.
  • Offers a unique opportunity to gain multiple perspectives on one’s issues or concerns. Other group members can provide feedback, insights, and alternative viewpoints that may not have been considered.
  • Connect with others and self
  • Develop healthier communication skills
  • Provides a safe space to experiment with different behaviors and receive feedback on their impact.
  • Helps individuals realize that their struggles and challenges are not unique to them. Reduces self-blame, shame, and self-criticism, allowing individuals to be more compassionate towards themselves.
  • Through the process of sharing and receiving feedback, gain deeper self-awareness. They can explore their own patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, as well as their impact on others.

What should you expect?

  • Highly Skilled and trained CI Circle leader leading a group of 10 to 18 participants.
  • A consistent group of individuals who meet regularly, once a week, over 10 weeks. The group may consist of people with various backgrounds, ages, and experiences, but have come together to explore common themes, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, grief, relationship issues, or personal growth.
  • You will experience a unique and powerful therapeutic space, where you will have the opportunity to interact with others who are facing similar issues and can offer support, understanding, and insights.

Attendance Requirements for Circle Participants

To build and maintain the safety of the group, participants are required to attend at least 8 of the 10 meetings. If three meetings are missed, the participant will be asked to leave the group.

Cancellation Policy:

This is an experiential program with a limited number of spaces available.

Since a space is reserved for you when you register and pay, there are no refunds available for this course once payment has been made.

Course Withdrawal

Compassionate Inquiry Inc reserves the right to deny acceptance to a Compassionate Inquiry Circle applicant and to withdraw a participant from the Compassionate Inquiry Circle at any time if the Compassionate Inquiry Circle Leader or the admin team determine that a participant’s behaviour, attitude or views could negatively impact the quality of the Circle experience or group, or if the participant is not a good fit for the program. Compassionate Inquiry Inc, in its sole discretion, may terminate a participant’s participation at any time. If this should occur, Compassionate Inquiry Inc will refund the tuition paid for the course.