Dagmara Ziniewicz

Life Coach

I have a versatile background in different modalities and practices – Vipassana, Osho Thearpy, Qi Gong, Non Duality.
They all contributed not only to my personal growth but also to my professional practice.I hold an MA in Education and Social Pedagogy, NLP Coaching Certification, Kundalini Yoga and Integrative Yoga teacher, Somatic Meditation Teacher and Non Dual Approach.

My healing journey spans continents and cultures, enriching my soul with the tapestry of human experience. As an emigrant traversing the globe, transcending borders and boundaries i found not only new horizons but also profound lessons in compassion and understanding..My 20 years nomadic odyssey gifted me with a treasure trove of inner insights, allowing me to bridge divides and connect with individuals from all walks of life on a profound level.
I ve learned from each encounter and wove those lessons into the fabric of my own being.I experienced many different approaches andI discovered that only non judgmental, curiosity based attuned coaching helped me to grow beyond my limits.
Seeing non judgement as a cornerstone of the mentorship practice I blend sincerity and practicality- giving a clear guidance how to improve CI skills and qualities.Drawing from the mosaic of cultures and experiences encountered along my journey, I cultivate an approach to mentorship—that is rooted in empathy, cultural humility and genuine desire to meet a person where she/he is with a curiosity while focusing on developing authentic connections. I believe that true growth stems from a foundation of trust which creates a safe space where mentees feel empowered to explore their aspirations and navigate their challenges with courage and grace .

I speak Polish/English and Spanish, now passionately bringing the wisdom of CI to my home country Poland.

Email: zetdaga@yahoo.com

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