Ildiko Acs

Mental Health Practitioner

Ildi has twenty years of experience in Human Resources in the corporate world. Her unhealthy attachment to work and her commitment to understand her own destructive behaviors led her to CI, where she was looking for answers until discovering her authentic self with the support of the caring and compassionate CI community. Her biggest challenge was self-compassion and be aware of her own suffer in which the CI approach was transformational for her as CI turned her focus inward, and she was able to notice her thoughts, feelings, sensations in a non-judgmental and curious way.

She is honored and grateful to all of her clients for showing her their vulnerability and allowing her to inquire into their life stories in addition to accompanying them on their own journeys of discovery. She has the qualities to hold a safe container in a humbly way for her clients to tap into themselves and realize their current and repeating patterns in which they stuck and skillfully support them to re-pattern their established habitual grooves to embody who they really are and move towards new spaces of possibilities.

Ildi is CI Practitioner, Mentor and Circle Leader. She has completed the CI Mentorship Program, CI Internship Program, CI Mentoring Internship Program, and continues to develop her skills by being part of the CI community. She persistently broadens her knowledge in order to support others in their healing through various approaches. She has recently started her journey with Internal Family Systems.

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