Joakim Appell

As a mentor in the Compassionate Inquiry Training I’ve undergone extensive training in this modality and have a deep understanding of the principles and techniques involved.

No matter if you’re in the year-long training, mentorship or certifying/recertifying my aim for us is to co-create a safe and supportive space where we can explore first your intention and then possibly potential emotional and mental blocks that might prevent you as a therapist from fully engaging with your inner selves and be present in sessions and to yourself. Both individuals as well as groups are welcome.

The body, brain and mind aligned together hold the answer and the capacity to heal from trauma.

“Trauma created in a relationship can be healed in another relational space when safety, curiosity and compassion are present.”
Gabor Maté

My own lived experience of recovering from substance addiction, profound loss and growing up in a high-control religion has provided him with a unique capacity to be present, calm, perceptive, observing, curious and authentic whilst meeting you in your experience as a mentee.

I cherish and thoroughly enjoy this work, it continues to be a crucial part of my own re-connection to myself. I also continue to further deepen my skills and professional development by studying the works of Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Dan Siegel and Peter Levine.

Currently, I work in both substance and behavioural addiction clinics using Compassionate Inquiry and in private practice on Zoom and in-person in Stockholm. For several years, I have has been facilitating and co-facilitating groups for religious trauma, substance and behavioural addictions.

Zoom or in person in Stockholm.

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