Leigh Aschoff

Private Mentor, Somatic Healing Practitioner, Wisdom Inviter

Greetings wonderful being. My intention in every CI Mentoring session is to honor your gifts, meet you where you are on your growth continuum and respond to you in ways that align with your learning style.

Mentoring invites us into a deeper understanding of CI and how best to offer it to those we work with. Important features of this process are your developmental learning needs and your authenticity as a CI Practitioner.

Through a present moment process of compassionate curiosity, we discover new possibilities for you to experience a deeper embodied understanding of the CI qualities, skills and stepping stones in a way that is authentic to you and in ways that usher your gifts to bloom and flourish in the world.

Wherever you are on your CI journey, I welcome you. I honor engaging with a process as an essential part of maintaining connection to our heart, body and authenticity while taking steps towards a goal or transformational change.

My style as a CI Mentor is open, compassionate, communicative, empathic, connected, respectful, focused, organized, responsive, curious and playful. My most cherished experiences of receiving mentoring that are woven through my style are generosity, encouragement and safety. I have deep confidence in your gifts and enjoy the collaborative process of uncovering and exploring them together.

We heal in relationship and we also learn in relationship. I look forward to being present with you in a learning process.

Email: [email protected]
Location: California, USA