Rhonda Nelson

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator and Practitioner

Rhonda is a Registered Professional Counselor (RPC), Master Practitioner in Clinical Counseling (MPCC), and Qualified Clinical Supervisor (MPCC-S). She is a CI Founding Facilitator, Mentor in the CI Mentorship Program and in Private Practice, Certification Reviewer, and Plant Medicine Integration Specialist. Compassionate Inquiry is the foundation upon which she works, integrating other somatic modalities including Internal Family Systems (IFS), Hakomi, and Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). All have been instrumental in her own healing of addiction, and mental and physical illness, which also informs her work with others.

As a Clinical Supervisor to professionals in private practice, Rhonda’s approach is present and attuned, direct, and compassionate. She provides experiential supervision, which invites a supervisee to safely explore trigger(s) and potential clinician block(s) as they arise from time to time. The process supports a reflective process without judgment (self- or other), leading to effectively informing the clinician’s work with others. Rhonda is dedicated to utilizing her skills and training to support therapy clients and professionals in the field.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7806891800
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada