Sat Dharam Kaur ND

Co-Executive Director, CEO, CI Facilitation Director

Contact Sat Dharam for inquiries about:

  • Questions from participants relating to course material that facilitator is unable to answer.
  • Conflicts within biweekly groups.
  • Questions about Facilitated Monthly Workshops, Monthly Discussion Groups, L2 Video Reviews.
  • Changes to Compassionate Inquiry curriculum.
  • Suggestions for Guest Lectures.
  • Zoom calls with Gabor and list of questions.
  • International opportunities within Compassionate Inquiry or for outreach.
  • Questions or suggestions related to Facilitation.
  • Facilitation Reviews and Facilitator Meetings.
  • Request by a Facilitator for a leave of absence.
  • Arranging time slots for upcoming cohorts.
  • Request for support for a Facilitator.


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