Sat Dharam Kaur ND

Co-Executive Director, CEO, CI Facilitator and Practitioner

Sat Dharam is a naturopathic doctor and author and has supported Dr. Gabor Maté in structuring the Compassionate Inquiry approach so that others can learn it. She has been working with, filming, transcribing and organizing Gabor’s approach since 2012. She designed and updates the curriculum; created and manages the course structure; oversees the CI Facilitation Team; designed the mentorship, internship and certification programs; creates CI Policies and Procedures; and co-directs the overall CI training and vision with Gabor. In her private practice she combines naturopathic medicine with Compassionate Inquiry, yoga, breathing practices and meditation to support others in healing and integrating mind, body and spirit.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 519 372-9212
Location: Owen Sound, Ontario