The Compassionate Inquiry approach brings safety to the exploration of self, the present and the past. It can be used to accelerate the healing of individuals, communities and society.

Notice your posture and the pockets of tension or relaxation in your body. What is present for you? What emotions are beneath the surface, waiting for your attention? What wants to be expressed? 

Our Compassionate Inquiry approach supports you in developing an authentic relationship with yourself. We recognise that the primary source of suffering is our disconnection from the deepest parts of ourselves, often caused by childhood and intergenerational trauma. With the right attention, this connection can be restored.

Whether you are a health-care professional, therapist, coach, educator or someone ready to grow, Compassionate Inquiry can help you to recognize that your conflicts, dysfunctions, addictions, anxieties, depression, and relationship patterns came along at a certain point in your life as coping mechanisms that helped you to survive. Once you understand this, you may realise that these adaptations are not who you are.

Who you are is your being, your essence, which is pristine, peaceful, aware and whole. It can never be damaged or broken.

Through the skilled and compassionate use of questions, the CI practitioner holds a mirror to your experience, allowing you to see yourself clearly, perhaps for the first time. The intention is to inquire into each situation and your response to it, so that you can understand the underlying unconscious dynamics and their origin.

Asking the right question at the right time can unlock a lifetime of suppression and open doorways of expression, creativity, joy and freedom. We would love to support you on this journey, to witness your unfolding and to experience what is possible. When each of us does this, the whole world benefits.  

Welcome to the Compassionate Inquiry global community.

Dr. Gabor Maté & Sat Dharam Kaur ND

Training Programs

CI Circles are online support groups open to people over 18 years. Designed to initiate the process of self-inquiry, these 10-week sessions will help you to accept and express your emotions, access the wisdom of your body and integrate your past. Providing invaluable tools for self-regulation and healing, CI Circles will allow you to thrive in the present and open to a life of connection, freedom and joy.  

Each Circle is led by a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.

Our CI Practitioners can support you in healing mental-emotional and physical symptoms, unresolved trauma, relationship issues and addictions by helping you connect with the deeper parts of you, your body and emotions.

They have completed the 330-hour year-long professional training as well as a 6-month Mentorship Program and a Certification Review. They come from a variety of backgrounds with different levels of previous training and experience.

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