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Maria Egervari

Manjeet Adi (Maria Egervari) is a Naturopathic doctor, a Kundalini Yoga instructor and a Beyond Addiction Associate Trainer. She first trained as a medical doctor in Hungary, but her journey of searching for deeper answers lead her to naturopathic medicine, mind-body medicine and finally to Compassionate Inquiry. She finds the approach of using a top-down (mind-body) and bottom-up (body-mind) approach simultaneously the most successful to unearth and heal old traumas, understand and change old patterns and restore the connection to Self and others. Her naturopathic practice is in the west-end of Toronto.


  • Languages Spoken

    English and Hungarian

  • Other Certified Training

    Medical school Budapest, Hungary 1988 MD degree

  • Profession


  • Specialties

    addiction, eating disorders, trauma


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