Alexandra MacKay

Private Mentor, MSW RWS

My intention, as a Compassionate Inquiry Mentor, is to support you in fulfilling your personal and professional goals.  This includes deepening and expanding your knowledge of the CI Skills and Competencies inclusive of unfolding and evolving relational processes.  Whether you are currently in the year long CI program, the mentorship, certifying or re certifying, my aim is to assist you in building competence and confidence in the CI process.

My philosophy is person-centered and collaborative, based on a mentor-mentee relationship where safety is the foundation, trust is established, compassion is present, creating the conditions for growth and learning to flourish.

I was introduced to Gabor’s book “In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts…” in 2010, while working at a mental health and addictions community agency.  I first met Gabor in 2014 when he presented on the topic of addictions and mental health in Belleville, Ontario.  I was moved and inspired by his compassion and humanity.  In 2019 I learned about the compassionate inquiry year-long program and this is when my CI journey began. My passion for this work led me continue in this path towards finding our authentic selves.  Currently I am a CI Practitioner, CI Facilitator, CI Circle Leader, and CI Mentor.

On a professional level, I completed a Supervision training with Lois Ehrmann, PhD, LPC, NCC/ACS, online in 2021.  I have also completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and International Studies.  I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 in social work, specializing in their Children and Families program. In 2018, I completed a Certificate in Couple and Family Studies from the University of Guelph, a program offered by the Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT).  I have worked in non-profit mental health and addiction community agencies since 2005.  Currently I work part-time in private practice and part time in the outpatient mental health department in Hospital, where I facilitate the mindfulness group, as well as working with individual clients.

Personally, I was drawn to compassionate inquiry and continue to work on bringing awareness to core beliefs, behaviours and emotions stored in the body as a result of my experiences of trauma, including having experienced the unexpected loss of a parent in childhood.  Bringing compassion and acceptance to all parts and “attention to the tension,” has helped me move towards wholeness.  Currently I live with my husband and two adolescent children, our dog and cat.  I enjoy nature, animals, swimming, yoga, singing, dancing, traveling as well as relaxing.


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