Rosio (Rosie) Fuentes

Excited Curiosity Coach, Colorpuncturist, CI Practitioner & Private Mentor

First I’d like to thank you for your interest in a CI private mentor, if you are on this page, curiously
seeking someone to accompany you on your 12 month journey through the professional program, on
your 6-mo mentorship journey, applying for certification or even if you are currently a CI practitioner,
we are all here to accompany you. You have lots of fully capable professionals to choose from.

A little about myself – my journey in CI has been life changing for myself and as a result of the work
on myself it has been life changing for my family. Each professional program that CI has offered has
helped transform myself of things I didn’t even know I needed help transforming. Looking back, the
only thing I would have done differently is hired someone to walk along that journey with me, from
the beginning, someone already trained in CI.

If you feel the same, and would like someone to accompany you, I’m here, ready to offer support. I
have faith in myself and therefore in everyone I’ve come in contact with. I am a clear mirror and
committed to walking alongside you every step of the way, even when those steps are painful to take.
My mentoring style is friendly with a healthy dose of role-playing, engaging with sub-personalities
that show up in sessions and pure compassion and empathy.

As far as my experience with CI goes, I am a certified CI practitioner, have interned in both English
and Spanish cohorts with Sat Dharam, Luke, Michelle, Sanjog. I’ve interned for CI Circles with Sanjog
and Ildi, CI Short Course with Vimalasara, Suicide Attention Training with Camilla and Irina and
Volunteered for a cohort with Soraya and SDK. Each and everyone of these facilitators have impacted
my journey, my life and my soul.

Throughout my training I had the privilege to work with many participants in the year long program
offering free sessions as I “practiced” CI or mentoring. Hands down that experience has been the
most fulfilling. To be able to witness participants showing up for themselves, to know that there is
another possibility for the way in which they think, behave or view the world. #priceless

I keep myself plugged into the community and am currently co-leading two focus groups, one in
English on Healing Racialized Trauma and one in Spanish, Apoyo y Consulta Entre Pares. I also humbly
serve in the role of the Spanish Intern and Volunteer Coordinator.

I love this community and am grateful for all that it’s given me, even the challenges. Thank you for
reading and I am looking forward to meeting you!


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