Dr. Wendy Harris (Livtar Kaur)

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Dr. Wendy Harris (Livtar Kaur) is a KRI Level II Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and International Trainer for Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery. She is also the Director of the Addiction and Recovery Specialization at Antioch University in Los Angeles where she trains therapists in a compassionate, multi-dimensional approach to understanding and healing the pain and trauma that seeds self-defeating patterns. Along with her passion for supporting clients in gaining insight to heal core issues for sustainable recovery, she is dedicated to bridging the gap between Kundalini Yoga, academia, clinical settings, and the community.

Sat Dharam Kaur ND

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Sat Dharam is a naturopathic doctor and has supported Dr. Gabor Maté in structuring the Compassionate Inquiry approach so that others can learn it. She created the Beyond Addiction program, a yogic path to recovery. She trains people in Kundalini Yoga and has a private practice in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Location: Owen Sound, Ontario

Sat Charan Simran Kaur

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Sat Charan Simran is a registered social worker, with training and experience in counselling in the areas of addiction, mental health, and trauma. She currently has a private practice in Vancouver.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Dr. Maria Egervari (Manjeet Adi)

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Maria (Manjeet Adi) is an MD trained in Hungary and an ND in Canada. She uses counselling in her naturopathic practice and in working with LOFT community services with older adults who have mental health and addiction issues. She is an associate trainer in the Beyond Addiction program.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Sheila Ann Tyacke

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Sheila is trained as a lawyer and is an accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the United Kingdom. She teaches Kundalini Yoga for addiction recovery in South Africa when she isn’t occupied with diversity and inclusion work and mentoring lawyers.  She is also trained in Family Life counselling and Addiction counselling, and is a trainer in the Beyond Addiction program.  She studied and teaches non-violent communication.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Beth Ebers

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Beth is a Registered Midwife. Beyond her education/training as a midwife she has trained in various counselling approaches, cultural safety, and the use of entheogens (particularly ayahuasca). She has worked with Dr. Gabor Maté on healing retreats.

In her capacity as a facilitator in plant medicine work, she does in-person sessions in the Comox Valley, BC and on Skype for a diverse clientele from all over the world. She incorporates energy/body work into these sessions (if in person) and helps clients either prepare for ayahuasca ceremonies or assists them in processing/integrating their experiences.

In her occupation as a midwife she works in a group practice in downtown Courtenay, BC with a diverse group of women, many of whom have very complex trauma histories/current life challenges. This includes indigenous women and also many families living in poverty.

Location: Comox, BC

Vimalasara (Valerie Mason-John)

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Dr Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) is an award-winning author of 8 books, including her debut fictional memoir Novel, Borrowed Body, and  Detox Your Heart, Meditations for Emotional Trauma, and Eight Step Recovery Using The Buddha’s teachings to Overcome Addiction. She is co-founder of the secular 8-week course Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery MBAR and is one of the new leading  African Descent Voices in the field of Mindfulness Approaches for Addiction. She is the current president of the international organization Buddhist Recovery Network, which promotes Mindfulness and Buddhism as a complementary approach working with addiction, craving, recovery, and abstinence. Valerie has been working in the field of inquiry over the past 15 years, as a trainer in conflict resolution and restorative justice, and as a guide with Liberation Unleashed, and a mentor in Direct Pointing. She lives in British Columbia.

Location: British Columbia

Rhonda Mae Nelson

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Rhonda has been working in the field of addiction and wellness for 15 years and brings a trauma-informed approach, wisdom, and compassion to her work. She is dedicated to helping others use body awareness to deal with the root of their suffering and learn to thrive. Rhonda is trained and mentored directly by Gabor Maté M.D. in his method of Compassionate Inquiry, which has been instrumental in the healing of her own physical affliction from birth and years of mental/emotional suffering. In addition to Compassionate Inquiry her expertise includes Emotion Focused Family Therapy, Addiction and Recovery, Entheogen Preparation and Integration, and Meditation. Rhonda is co-author contributor to Mothers, Addiction and Recovery: Finding Meaning Through the Journey, published in July 2018. She enjoys singing, writing songs, and playing guitar. She uses a creative process to facilitate transformation and recovery for those who request it.

Location: Athabasca, Alberta

Lara Longo

Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator

Lara’s journey as a counsellor and psychotherapist began in 2003. She holds a Master of Social Work with a specialization in psychotherapy and a post graduate diploma in art psychotherapy. Lara specializes in holistic psychotherapy in the treatment of trauma and addictions with adults. She has worked in residential treatment facilities, shelters with youth experiencing homelessness, Indigenous community, addictions treatment and within a harm reduction health centre. Lara’s approach is somatically based and attachment-oriented. She integrates psycho-dynamic and cognitive therapy, EMDR, Compassionate Inquiry, arts-based methods, yoga-mindfulness, and ancient wisdom teachings. Lara currently works alongside the Indigenous community and has a private practice in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Location: Annan, Ontario