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This page lists approved Compassionate Inquiry Private Mentors, whom you may contact for individual or group mentoring for additional mentoring sessions. Whether you are in the Professional Training, are preparing for a Certification Review, or for the supervision sessions required during your first two years of practice as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner; please discuss the rate for mentoring directly with your chosen mentor.

The private mentors listed on this page have completed a 30-hour Supervision Training, and have been approved by the Compassionate Inquiry Mentoring Internship Team.

This page does not refer to the Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program, which can be found in the menu under Online Training.

Leigh Aschoff

Private Mentor, Somatic Healing Practitioner, Wisdom Inviter

Greetings wonderful being. My intention in every CI Mentoring session is to honor your gifts, meet you where you are on your growth continuum and respond to you in ways that align with your learning style. Mentoring invites us into a deeper understanding of CI and how best to offer […]

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Claudia Goetzelmann

Private Mentor, Certified CI Practitioner, Integrative Counsellor

As a Mentor, I offer strong support for your Compassionate Inquiry (CI) learning experience—something that I had the good fortune to have when I was a Mentee. I see the role of Mentor as a mutually beneficial, dynamic collaborative exchange that gives you the freedom and compassionate environment to explore […]

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Michelle Peddle

Private Mentor, Registered Psychotherapist

It is a pleasure to be joining you on this Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship journey. I was the first official cohort to graduate from the Compassionate Inquiry year long training, one of the first official Interns to finish the Internship, one of the first official Mentees to finish the Mentorship Program, […]

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Rati Roberta Riccardi

Private Mentor, Yoga Teacher

Since starting the Compassionate Inquiry learning journey in 2019, I have been fully devoted and dedicated to this approach, as I found I could not get enough! My inquisitive mind and avid curiosity led me through all of the training options offered to becoming a mentor, and it has been […]

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Sat Dharam Kaur

Private Mentor, ND

As a Compassionate Inquiry Mentor, I will be working with you to help you achieve your personal and professional goals and competencies related to Compassionate Inquiry. I would like to share some of my professional background with you. I have been practicing full-time as a naturopathic doctor since 1989, with […]

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Soraya Romao-Inglis

Private Mentor, Psychotherapist

In our mentoring sessions, I will integrate Compassionate Inquiry, IFS (Internal Family Systems), and mindfulness practices. I work from a multicultural compassionate lens which gives me the opportunity to explore with curiosity the presence of intersectionality in your clients’ lives as well as its influences. I was born in Brazil, […]

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Stephen Brown

Private Mentor

My intention is to support you as your learning, understanding, and practice of Compassionate Inquiry evolves and expands. I have been following Dr Gabor Mate’s work since 2016 and was delighted to attend a two-day conference with him in Cork 2018. For more than 25 years I have worked with […]

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Allison Creech

Private Mentor, ND

In January 2019, I began what would become an immersive and transformational journey in Compassionate Inquiry. As I moved from participant to intern to mentee, I improved my skills, deepened my presence, and learned more about myself. The Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity, and for me, the phrase “who […]

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Lorraine O’Mullane

Private Mentor, Counselling Therapist

Hi, I’m Lorraine. As a Mentor, my intention is to support your growth and learning as you deepen your Compassionate Inquiry practice. My aim is to offer you an experience of collaborative learning similar to the one offered to me when I was a Mentee. These 5 months transformed not […]

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Ildiko Acs

Mental Health Practitioner

Ildi has twenty years of experience in Human Resources in the corporate world. Her unhealthy attachment to work and her commitment to understand her own destructive behaviors led her to CI, where she was looking for answers until discovering her authentic self with the support of the caring and compassionate […]

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