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Kelli Gallagher

There are many modalities of therapy and healing. I offer a unique approach that is based on my training and experience in various methods of trauma release, delving into the subtle, unconscious areas of the self.  I lean into somatic therapy, depth psychology, existentialism and trusting the wisdom of the moment to guide sessions that integrate heart, mind and body. 

Exploration happens in both abstract and logical ways, facing what arises with compassion and curiosity.  I am here to assist you in finding your own answers. We will work with the implicit and explicit and go deeper into felt sense to understand the impact of the past and present and the implications they create.  When unresolved trauma is integrated, it loses its grip allowing us to feel balance between heart and mind, which leads to distinct changes and measurable gains in our life.

 Whatever you may be going through, I provide a safe, compassionate space and open-minded place for you to be in.  Vulnerability is welcome.  I may challenge you to look at beliefs or ideas from another perspective.  I may challenge you to look at yourself, or others, from another perspective.  It’s not always the easiest journey, but it is a worthwhile journey to find yourself. 

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Powell River, BC, Canada

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