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Lizzie Figa

I am a physician but quickly realized that true healing encompasses more than just the physical body and what my medical training included. Through my own transformative healing journey, I was exposed to many other modalities, including Gabor Maté’s work and Compassionate Inquiry which were able to provide me with more tools and different perspective on the underlying psychological components that contribute to our health and our experience of life.

In my work, I provide a container based on safety, attunement, authenticity, and compassion to support people in reconnecting with their essence and inner wisdom. I feel humbled and honored to navigate traumas, conditioned beliefs and responses with clients, helping to them on their path of self-discovery and a renewed sense of wholeness.


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    ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Depression, Illness, Plant medicine, Plant medicine integration, Sleep of Insomnia, Testing and Evaluation, Trauma and PTSD, Women's health

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    Doctor of Osteopathy, Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research


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