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Semin Yalman Yılmaz

Semin is a visionary expert in the field of integrative heart-body-mind-soul living. Through her innovative program "Living In the Heart" (LITH), she enables individuals to reconnect with their hearts who want to be seen, heard, and felt. She believes if we heal our hearts within we can serve the whole using our full potential.

Starting to regenerate herself first after working many years in the business world  by combining yoga, meditation, compassionate inquiry, other transformative practices, Semin chose the path to serve from the heart and has a deep passion liberating humanity by creating an authentic connection to be their own heart-led-leaders and create more love and light on this planet.

She guides individuals  with her intuitive wisdom, calm and reassuring presence,  and has this unique capacity and talent to listen and go deeper with kindness and attention to discover the human inside all of us.

She reaches individuals who go through the critical processes of their lives and encounter uncertainty. She sees it as an opportunity to start again and revive. She helps these people get to know themselves more intimately (face their feelings, thoughts, and choices), bond with themselves. She supports individuals to live life with increased  awareness, acceptance, kindness, authenticity, calmness, compassion and love.

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Languages Spoken
Turkish, English, German
Other Certified Training
BA in Sociology, MA in Mass Communication, Completed Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program, Completed Compassionate Inquiry Internship Program, KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher L1, L2 Stress and Vitality, Beyond Addiction, Advanced Course of Kundalini Yoga - The Gift of Womanhood, Yoga for Youth, Child Play Yoga, Hatha Yoga
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İstanbul, Türkiye

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