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This page lists approved Compassionate Inquiry Private Mentors, whom you may contact for individual or group mentoring for additional mentoring sessions. Whether you are in the Professional Training, are preparing for a Certification Review, or for the supervision sessions required during your first two years of practice as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner; please discuss the rate for mentoring directly with your chosen mentor.

The private mentors listed on this page have completed a 30-hour Supervision Training, and have been approved by the Compassionate Inquiry Mentoring Internship Team.

This page does not refer to the Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship Program, which can be found in the menu under Online Training.

Tiph Fedor

Therapist, Private Mentor, Counselling therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

Tiph started her journey as an energy healer over 30 years ago and is a registered Counsellor and Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner. She is a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, having trained with Eckhart Tolle and uses her ability to hold deep presence with her skills as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner to support […]

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Mirabela Butiri

Private mentor, Psychotherapist

Hello, I’m Mirabela, and I’m here to support you on your Compassionate Inquiry journey, regardless of where you may find yourself along the way. Whether you’re enrolled in the year-long CI program, seeking mentorship for certification, or aiming for recertification, my goal is to help you develop competence in the […]

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Terri Ewart

Private Mentor

My passion, as a CI Mentor, is supporting Mentees to learn the skills and ways of being that allow you to create the space that your clients need, to feel safe enough to feel. My own approach to CI is highly somatic, and my passion is supporting Mentees to feel […]

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Nathalie LeFave

Private Mentor, Mind Body Coach

Hello, I’m Nathalie LeFave, and I’m excited to serve as your Compassionate Inquiry Private Mentor. My journey as a mentor has been significantly shaped by the invaluable guidance I’ve received from mentors, enhancing my CI skills and nurturing my unique approach. Whether you’re undergoing CI training, pursuing certification, or looking […]

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Sonja Buskey

Private Mentor, LCSW, Psychotherapist

My intention as a mentor is to gently support you in developing awareness of who you are as a practitioner as you move deeper into your understanding of Compassionate Inquiry while enhancing your skills and creating a safe relational container for your clients. The goal of our collaborative process is […]

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Jan-Peter Bolhuis

CI Practitioner, CI Private Mentor, Close Combat instructor

Greetings, I’m Jan-Peter Bolhuis, and my path as a CI practitioner is one marked by resilience, growth, and the deep understanding that our most profound challenges can become our greatest strengths. Having navigated the turbulent waters of personal trauma, I’ve emerged with a profound sense of purpose and a commitment […]

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Sam Lyon

Private Mentor

Sam has 24 years’ experience working in mental health and addictions, and has developed a deep understanding of the importance of humility, compassion and acceptance when interacting with others. As a CI mentor, Sam’s intention is to collaboratively support your growth and confidence as you expand your skills toward CI […]

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Espe Garcia

Private Mentor

Hello my name is Espe Garcia, thank you for stopping by and reading my profile, it is important that you chose the right CI Mentor for you.  My passion for mentoring has grown from my own experience with my Mentors. I have been so lucky to have grown with great […]

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Lucie Mattar

Private Mentor, Counsellor

Mentoring is a collaborative process with the purpose of solidifying the foundation of how you apply the CI approach. In my personal experience, the true gift of Mentoring is the process of integration of one’s personal style, colours and gifts into their practice, while staying aligned with the CI approach. […]

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Tatjana Ivkovic

Private Mentor, Counselling Therapist

Tatjana is a certified Mental Health Counselor specializing in Non-Directive Interventional (NDI) Psychotherapy. Additionally, she is a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Mentor, and Circle Leader. She has completed the CI Mentorship Program, CI Internship Program, and CI Mentoring Internship Program, and continues her professional growth and developing her skills by […]

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